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A company builds on its core skills gained by experience, proven performance and development. At GREX Technologies we know how important it is to recognise our strengths and to utilise and foster them. Our strengths maintain the company and are the foundation for developing new products and strategies. 
We consider it very important that weaknesses and errors are detected and understood immediately. These skills make us strong and distinguish us from our competitors. 
We have expert knowledge in many areas and consider the following four core skills.


Application fascination

We set ourselves the challenge of designing technically complex systems to be user-friendly and easily understood. This is based on the conviction that general human behavioural patterns should dictate interaction with users and not the thought patterns of engineers.


System integration

System integration pushes the actual technology into the background and is the area in which GREX Technologies is a trendsetter in its industry. We integrate past and future products by creating standardised interfaces. We do not neglect integration of GREX Technologies systems with equipment made by others to achieve maximum automation in production and foreign body detection.



The design language is reflected in virtually all our mechanical components - materials, surface characteristics, appearance and form. The challenge to our mind is to give the designer as many options as possible with which to express himself. All applicable mechanical engineering guidelines and standards are adhered to.



GREX Technologies products are designed to be technically high-end but also provide maximum functionality, availability and user-friendliness. The high expectations triggered by the individual appearance have to be met by their high quality and safety in all areas when using our systems.