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GREX Technologies

Dear visitor,

Welcome to our world of industrial X-ray, automation and handling technology.

We have been successful in our main food testing and raw materials industry markets for years thanks to our development of unique in-house automation technology, modern and economical mechanical engineering not to mention our elegant design and outstanding quality.

The specialised modular industrial C-arm X-ray devices we have developed are now the core component of modern X-ray scanners together with highly sensitive TDI X-ray cameras. These components are a major part of our overall product range. 

Our new XO series of modular X-ray scanners are used in both standard applications and for specialised uses dictated by specific products. Due to this virtually any X-ray engineering solution can be realised. 

Our company’s reputation is based not only on our products but also and above all on our expert staff working at GREX Technologies. Their creativity and relentless commitment provides our innovative solutions and thus contributes greatly to the success of unusual projects and the high level of customer satisfaction we enjoy. 

You are welcome to come and view our X-ray technologies and meet our young and dynamic company. 

Kind regards

Elias Delipetkos M.Sc.
Managing shareholder