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Merely stating the intent to produce using environment-friendly methods in particular in mechanical engineering and X-ray technology fields is not suffice in our opinion.  

GREX Technologies uses materials efficiently and targeted we they are justified and necessary For over 5 years we have been working intensively on greatly reducing substances that are environmentally harmful or avoid them completely. Special system components with functions relevant to radiation protection are always properly disposed of by us.

We transfer the responsibility for your products and production processes to our systems. We use no coolants containing oil in any form. In the X-ray scanner radiation protection field we are a trendsetter in the industry. Many of our basic technologies are nowadays found in other systems. 

Thoroughgoing reduction of the energy needed to test food or detect foreign bodies is the result of our constant development of products with the clear goals of cutting operating costs, minimising environmental harm and increasing efficiency. 

Resources such as electricity and water used have been obtained from renewable sources since the company was founded. 

Please contact us if you have any queries or suggestions in this field.